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We use OpenStreetMap maps


On this site you'll find a variety of maps of the area, which are a little bit different from most maps you'll come across.

These aren't commercial maps - we've not paid to use them, nor do they come with restrictions on what we can do with them. The only conditions attached are that we provide attribution, and allow our users the same freedoms with them that we enjoy.

Most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive or unexpected ways. Some rights reservedThe OpenStreetMap project was set up to counter that; its map is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

The maps are built by an army of volunteers (we do our bit) in a collaborative effort, using ordinary GPS receivers. This means that great levels of detail can be added to maps - little footpaths and alleyways, postboxes and pub names, for example; it also means the map is constantly being updated with new roads and housing estates as they appear. On the down side, it's a work in progress, so there are lots of areas of the map with little or no information. If you find your neck of the woods is incomplete, why not join in and help out?

So, you're welcome to use these maps however you like - whether it's school projects, birthday invitations, printed maps, commercial websites, whatever; just let people know where they came from, and encourage people to make the most of them.